Office Team






Lisa                  040516_2306_WEB.jpg

Lisa is the first person to greet you as you enter our office. She does not have an official job title because there is not a title to describe all that she does, greeter, appointment ninja, phone answerer, etc. Lisa has five children and 11 pets which is why she is so good at her job because she is used to taking care of many things at one time! She loves spending time with her family and if she won the lottery she would take them all on a cruise around the world with a side trip to Paris for her and her daughter. Anyone that knows Lisa knows of her love/obsession of Diet Coke, she has even held objects for ransom to be paid with her favored soda!


Brittany                  040516_2262_1_WEB.jpg

Brittany is at the front desk, eager and ready to help our patients. She's always up for
adventure and loves trying new restaurants and new foods; once, she even jumped off a
50-foot cliff into the ocean!



After being a stay at home mom for almost 20 yrs. Julie knew it was time to join the workforce again. She is so happy she found a home at Truman Orthodontics and looks forward to this next stage of life. She is a proud mom of 5, 7 is you ask her husband. 1 daughter, 3 sons, 1 son in-law and 2 dogs. Julie is a TV junkie and has to get everything done before she turns it on or she will get nothing done. She loves to play all sports and ran her first and probably last half marathon. Julie loves to laugh which is great because her husband is a pun master. So when you call the office she looks forward to “Bracing” herself when you share your zingers with her.



Ericka has worn many hats while at Truman Orthodontics and is now our Financial Coordinator. When not working, she enjoys her son’s baseball games, playing dress up with her princess and shopping is a close 3rd. Dolly is her pet dog which she loves but if she could have her dream pet it would be a Unicorn, because it would mean she is an important princess in a fairy tale world. She dreams of going to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower. If she had a super power, it would be Teleporting which would make that trip easy.


DeeLynn                040516_2240_WEB.jpg

DeeLynn loves her job promoting Dr. Mark Truman. She wants everyone to know what a remarkable orthodontist he is. Her daughter was his patient, and she was so impressed with Dr. Truman and his staff that she now works here.


Debbie                  040516_2371_WEB.jpg

  Debbie is our treatment coordinator and helps you begin your journey to a better smile. She has been a nationally certified orthodontic assistant since 1997. She moved back to her hometown of Las Vegas in 2010 after working in Missouri, Louisiana, Washington DC and Mississippi. She moved to Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and devoted much of her spare time helping rebuild. Now she enjoys walking her four-legged son, CJ, that she rescued a few years ago, spending time with her husband and traveling. You would never guess that she drives really fast and dreams of driving a fire truck, “Because the race would be on, to stop the fire.”





Kelsey                040516_2679_WEB.jpg

“In my free time, I like to…oh who am I kidding I have 2 kids, I don’t have any free time” was Kelsey’s response to the question of “What do you like to in your free time”? Kelsey is the key to our back office running smoothly and we are lucky to have her with her years of orthodontic experience. With Mexican food being her favorite it almost makes sense that the line from the movie Nacho Libre “These are the Lord’s Chips”, is her favorite. Her extravagant wish in life would be to have a bakery in her house so she could have fresh baked bread (her other favorite food item) anytime she wants.


Alex                    040516_2200_WEB.jpg

Alex is our work-out queen and the funny fact is that she says does not even like to exercise but because of her love of all food she says she must. She brings to our office a great enthusiasm for her job and says her favorite part is helping patients achieve amazing smiles. During free time, she likes to be outside, camping and hiking with her husband and children because she loves to be outside in the fresh air. Someday she would like to experience the fresh air at a higher elevation by trying skydiving.



There is nothing better to Amber than visiting with her patients. She loves watching patients grow up and helping them achieve beautiful smiles. Amber has a cat, named Charlie, that she has taught to fetch. If you throw a toy he will bring it back and waits at your feet for you to throw it again. She loves her cats but would also like to have a baby goat because they are so cute and defy gravity! Amber cares for her sister and in her spare time loves to do fun activities with her. When not busy at work and caring for others you might catch her binge-watching TV shows or anything Nicholas Sparks since these are some of her favorite guilty pleasures.



Brandie moved to Vegas to join our team as an orthodontic assistant and has over 6 years’ experience to contribute to our office. She came with her husband and her smiley baby boy that she spends every minute with outside of the office. They enjoy picnics in the park and exploring Las Vegas. If Brandie won a million dollars she says she would buy a zoo, so it makes sense that her favorite movie is We Bought a Zoo! Her zoo would definitely have white tigers because she thinks they are gorgeous. Don’t tell her we shared this secret about her…she loves chocolate with peanuts and eats it every chance she gets, much like all of us!



Marie decided to trade the Colorado cold for the heat of Las Vegas. She loves living here with her husband (who she met at 12 years old) and exploring their new home town on their Harley’s. Marie and her husband love to take long bike rides to explore the surrounding areas, finding new places to camp, fish and boat. I guess you can tell they are definitely an adventure loving, biker family. Together they have 6 children, 2 dogs, Sprocket and Fender and 2 cats, Deuce and Fat Boy.  She has been an orthodontic assistant since 2004. Marie says, she is grateful to be working at Truman Orthodontics and thinks her co-workers and patients are “pretty awesome”.



We are so happy that Zuly has joined our team as an orthodontic assistant even though we don’t follow her favorite movie line, “On Wednesdays we wear Pink” since we wear black scrubs on Wednesdays. She has a lot in common with Bubba from Forest Gump she loves SHRIMP. Shrimp cocktail, breaded shrimp, shrimp tacos, shrimp ceviche, shrimp alfredo, etc. etc. You get the idea she loves all things shrimp. When not at work she enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing at the dog park with Woody, or eating (especially shrimp). If she had a super power it would be to teleport and we are pretty sure she would visit one of her dream locations Paris, Australia, or the Bahamas.